At Prosol, we are a dynamic resource pool of help in enriching our customers Information Communication and Management Technology experiences.

Be in it Audio Visual, Extreme Networking, Solutions Architecture, we are an Authority.

We pride ourselves in market leading brands: Liversity and TunzaPro -Two revolutionary Concepts in Transformation of Electronic Learning and Managed IT Services.

Our unique rich pool of expertise transcends specialties and expertise. We are dedicated to our customers’ happiness.

Our Services cut across the entire e-learning Content Development and Administration Work Flows.

They Include:

Proctored Story-boarding, Script Writing, Editing and Publishing, Voice Overs, Audio Recording, Video Production, Training

Moodle Support Partners

We are Moodle Practicing Support Partners. We have submitted Open source plugins and API bases to Moodle to the benefit of the FOSS community.

Certified For Blackboard

We pride ourselves in being the lead integrators for Blackboard LMS. We have an array of published APIs to help in data warehousing between the LMS and 3rd party databases.

Integrations with Live Video Applications

Extend the functionality and interactivity of your LMS using live Video and Real Time Collaboration Systems. We help you to build Collaboration APIs for Zoom, Blackboard, Microsoft Teams and utilize community plaugins such as the 3B in Moodle to enrich Active Classroom engagement.

We develop APIs that integrate Live Classroom sessions as Activities in the University’s Learning Management System. We have APIs for Moodle, Blackboard and Sakai.

This integration helps the University in the management of students who are accessing the live classroom. The students are able to access the classroom from a centrally logged in portal instead of the lecturer sending the meeting invitations.